As i said almost 3 years ago when i started this PROJECT …

In December 2015 we bought our puppies.

In 19 February 2016 we created our page  wich now is “#3SpartanPugs“.

At the beggining we wanted to donate baby Pugs from our family of Pugs but now we found out that we cannot have babies and Nyssa is gone… 🙁

Social networks and content sites earn profits from their users and give nothing back. Users receive nothing but an ad-heavy experiences and, in fact, they pay dearly with their personal privacy …now we earn too from your views , likes , comments and shares and we want to do something in return!

We use our leverage, scale and experience in the online marketing industry to monetize page views with ads on / and where you can find all information about the breed and videoclips with our family of Pugs to see how they are in real life !!!

We offer each month 250 euro by drawing random one person from our community.

You have to :

Create username on

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Now Share This for us to grow further and offer more each month.

Here you have Alborosie ! 😉 i was just testing the fate…the baby pug is fine at his new owner 😀 check him on our facebook group once in a while…